Winter Fuels

Keep warm in winter with our range of winter fuels.


Traditional, Good Quality Housecoal doubles. Suitable for use on open fires but not suitable in smokeless zones. Burns with a bright flame and easy to light.

Smokeless Briquettes. For use on open fires and multi fuel stoves. Suitable for use in smokeless zones. Burns hotter and for longer than housecoal with a gentle flame.

Premium Quality Housecoal Trebles. These are larger pieces of coal that last longer than the traditional housecoal doubles.



Softwood Logs are easier to light and are great when you want a fire with lower heat output, like autumn and spring.

Hardwood Logs  are generally heavier and produce more energy than softwood logs. You therefore need fewer hardwood logs to produce the same heat output and because they take longer to burn the refuelling intervals are longer as well.

And not forgetting Kindling!

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