Christmas trees

There's nothing to put you in the mood for Christmas quite like going to the garden centre on a snowy day to pick out a living Christmas tree, then bringing it home to fill the house with the scent of pinewoods in December.

We specialise in Nordmann Fir which is one of the best for holding onto its soft, rounded needles.

Here is our advice on caring for your tree:


1.Always store in a cool moist place
2.Store outside and keep the foliage cool and wet before bring in the house
3.When you get your tree home cut of ½inch  off the bottom of the trunk and place in a bucket of water (like you would cut flowers)
4.When bringing your tree in put it into a water holding tree stand
5.Check the water level everyday do not allow your tree to dry out
6.Place in a cool part of the room
7.Do not place next to a heat source or direct sunlight
8.Take care to recycle after Christmas
9.If left in the garden Wild birds will use them for cover until spring.
10.Have a happy Christmas!      

Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Leighton Buzzard for more information and advice about choosing your Christmas tree.

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