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    Spring Bulbs

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Winter Pansy Pack 4 for £10

Spring Bulb Packs 3 for £5

Up to 70% off pots

Welcome to Leighton Buzzard Garden Centre......

Our Centre was built over 20 years ago and is proud to be the local Plant, Home and Garden Centre destination for all things gardening.

Home and Garden are investing in the modernisation of the Garden Centre whilst maintaining its charm and character.

At its core, the plant ranges will be expanded and supported by all the gardening products required to excite and develop your gardens. The new Blossom Café is now open 7 days a week, serving breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

At Leighton Buzzard Garden centre, we believe ‘Your Garden Makes Your Home’. We are the Gardeners Garden Centre.


Christmas at Leighton Buzzard

Carbon Steel Lawn Rake
Was £ 12.99
£ 9.99
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Roundup 140ml
Was £ 9.99
£ 8.99
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Toprose 4kg
Was £ 8.99
£ 7.99
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Fence Life Plus 5Litre
Was £ 14.99
£ 9.99
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Autumn Cyclamen

£2.49 each or 3 for £5

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Spring Flowering Bulbs

£2.49 each or 3 for £5

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House Coal 20kg

£9.99 each or 3 for £25

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Smokeless Fuel 20kg

£13.99 2 for £25

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Kindling 4kg

£5.99 each or 2 for £10

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Firelighter - 30 pack

£1.99 each or 3 for £5

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£2.99 each or 4 for £10

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Softwood Logs

£2.99 each or 5 for £10

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Looking after garden tools

Your tools are your best friends in the garden. They'll stand by you through thick and thin: they're the first things you reach for at times of trouble, and your companions through your greatest triumphs.

Well-made, good-quality tools like those you'll find in our Leighton Buzzard …

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Go mad for tulips

Plant tulips as generously as you can throughout the garden for brilliantly colourful drifts next spring. Pack containers with bulbs, or plant in ribbons through the garden. Choose early, mid-season and late-flowering types from the huge range available in the garden centre now for flowers from April till June.